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Best Dog Beds for Small/Medium Size Dogs

Picking out the best dog bed for your small breed can be tough. Dogs sleep a lot! Which is why it’s so vital that they have the right support and a safe place to rest their heads. Smaller dogs tend to feel the cold a lot more than larger breeds so to find the right amount of support but cushioning can prove difficult. Here we have compiled a list for the five best dog beds for small & medium sized breeds.


1. Modern Chic Bed by Trendy Pet

Tbest dog beds for small & medium size dogs - trendy pethe Modern Chic bed is perfect for a modern home where a normal bulky dog bed looks out of place. The great pattern and selection of colours makes it one of the top choices amongst dog owners. Not only will it keep your house stylish but it will also keep it fresh due to the easy washing capability. The entire bed fits right into your washer and dryer and requires no re-assembly afterwards. The reinforced microtec center holds tough against sharp nails and teeth yet still ultra-soft high quality microfiber offers your pet a luxurious comfort. This durable bed boats a thick base and raised sides so your pet can sleep soundly and comfortably. It comes in 3 sizes and has a 30-day money back guarantee.


2. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge

best dog beds for small & medium size dogs PET FUSIONThe PetFusion is another great choice, with its optimal support and overall comfort your dog can rest easy on the beds premium components, helping reduce and prevent joint and muscles aches. This support will improve health, mobility and energy in your dog making it perfect for both young and older dogs. With its non-skid bottom and water and tear resistant guarantee you can feel confident that this bed will last much longer than other inferior cheaper beds. The attractive and modern touch in the PetFusion will fit nicely in any home. Very easy to clean (a must have with those dirty pups!) the removable cover is washable. The base is high density and can hold 50lb+ in weight. This one is so great it’s actually a top pick for large breeds too!


3. Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

best dog beds for small & medium size dogs - snoozerAs we mentioned in our guide to buying the best dog beds, these burrow beds really are a great choice. As smaller dogs tend to feel the cold more than larger dogs, this bed is a great choice to really snuggle down in. With the Sherpa lining it will keep your dog warm in the winter, yet cool in summer. This burrow bed is also great for anxious or nervous dogs as it surrounds them with warmth making them feel protected and secure whilst they sleep. The Snoozer comes in a wide variety of colours and many sizes they have options for every dog and every owner! This lightweight, luxury bed has a microsuede cover that is easily removed and washed.



4. Thick Orthapedic Dog Bed

best dog beds for small & medium size dogs OrthopedicThis 6” thick orthapedic bed gently cushions your dogs pressure points easing joint aches and arthritis. The 100% memory foam is shredded for softness and then re-packed in a high density design giving it the firmness to hold its shape and give your dog the support he needs yet still molding around his body as he sleeps. This bed is also waterproof and has an anti-slip bottom, and the durable cover can be quickly removed for washing. This sleek minimalistic bed is great for any area of the house and can fit into tight spaces. Another great thing about buying this bed is that the company donate 10% of their profits to America’s largest animal protection organization – The Humane society of the United States.


5. K&H Manufacturing Orthopaedic Bolster Sleeper


best dog beds for small & medium size dogs- K&HThis K&H cosy bolstered bed boasts medical grade orthopaedic foam. The bolsters come up high to surround and comfort your dog and keep him warm and secure. With it’s 3” thick base and soft upholstery grade velvet your dog will be sleeping soundly all night long. The sleeping surface is a quilted microfleece for optimal comfort and warmth. The cover is removable and washable and it’s available in 4 sizes and 2 colours.





Each dog has different needs and likes and you know them best but we hope our list of the best dog beds for small dogs has helped you!


Our top pick is the Modern Chic Bed by Trendy Pet as it’s super stylish for you yet comfortable for your dog. We love this bed’s long-lasting durability and the strength against teeth and nails! Another bed we love from this list is the Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave where your pet can get right underneath and snuggle in for the night – do they do these beds for humans?!


We hope this list has helped!

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