Dog beds for large dogs - Top 5

Finding the Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs.

Do you find you are forever buying new beds for your dog? We take a look at the top 5 rated dog beds for large dogs. Every owner wants their big dogs to be as happy and comfortable as possible. A great way to do this is to get them the best dog bed they can have. As a good night’s sleep is essential to your canines wellbeing. Investing in a good quality bed will reward you with a happy, healthy pooch! There is a wide variety of dog beds made specifically for large and extra large dogs. These beds will usually be tailored to prevent and assist with the most common large breed dog problems such as hip dysplasia, joint pains and arthritis.


1. Big Barker Bed

Dog beds for large dogs - Big BarkerThe Big Barker is simply amazing. Although the price is quite high, it comes with a 10-year guarantee meaning that’s 3,65 good night sleep, minimum! It’s specially tailored to large breed dogs. With its high quality 7” memory foam base, consisting of multiple layers of comfort foam and support foam it guarantees to retain at least 90% of its original shape. The big barker bed comes in three colours: Khaki, Burgundy & Chocolate – perfect for any house. It is machine washable and has a 100% microfiber cover. The great thing about memory foam beds is that they are highly resistant to bacteria, molds, dust mites and mildew.Although it doesn’t come with a waterproof liner, they do stock them. It comes in three sizes: Large, Extra Large and Giant meaning there is a size for every dog or even multiple dogs! The big barker is a best selling bed – and we can see why!


2. Heavy Duty XL Memory Foam Orthopaedic Bed

Dog beds for large dogs- Dog bed 4 lessAnother great bed that comes in many sizes and colours. This heavy duty bed boasts 100% cotton made denim that comes in blue and brown, as well as micro suede in brown and gray and a canvas style in green. It has a solid therapeutic memory foam pad, secured with a waterproof internal zipper cover giving it two thick layers of protection. The high density of the memory foam is 5 times denser and 4 times heavier than that of regular foam, meaning it wont flatten over time with normal use. The Heavy Duty XL Bed has a 4” thick base and is pure memory foam instead of layers. They also provide you with a free cover! A few people have reported an odour from this bed however the vast majority have had no such problems.


3. Kopeks Extra Large Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Kopeks - Dog beds for large dogsThis bed is designed to prevent and aid arthritis and joint, hip dysplasia and muscle problems. With 7” of memory foam base and a 3” pillow your dog will be sleeping soundly all night long. With an included waterproof liner that is removable and washable this dog bed will stay clean and fresh! It comes in a chocolate colour and is a suede material. You will have to wait between 10-14 days for it to fully expand to its full size as its rolled up in storage, but a little price for such a great bed! This Kopeks bed provides ultimate comfort and relieves your dogs of their aches and pains.


4. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed & Lounge

PetFusion - Dog beds for large dogsUnlike the other memory foam beds in this review, this one has sides! Perfect for an anxious or nervous dog as the sides will make him feel secure and safe when sleeping. The sides are also perfect if your dog prefers to curl up or nestle into something as with the “bolster” they can either rest their heads on it or nestle underneath! It is water and tear resistant which is perfect for all dogs, especially the excitable kind. Removable cover and machine washable which is a must have when buying a dog bed. It can comfortably hold 100lb+ in weight and is easily assembled. The PetFusion has two colors- brown and gray and two sizes – large and extra large, and has a 12 month warranty. A great pick.


5. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

Coolaroo - Dog beds for large dogsIf your dog doesn’t get on with memory foam mattresses or finds that they can get hot, the Coolaroo is perfect for you. Coming in four colours – green, terracotta, nutmeg and gray – it’s flea, mite, mold and mildew resistant! It relieves hotspots and is very breathable and easily cleaned. The Coolaroo is rip and tear resistant and waterproof. It’s easily assembled and can be taken outside and on trips easily. This long-lasting cot bed is a thick polythene material and is virtually indestructible!


So Which Bed is Best for Large Dogs?


Dog beds greatly vary in quality and price, note that a cheaper memory foam mattress will only provide a small layer of foam that will need replacing often and wont give your dog the support it needs to prevent long lasting problems such as arthritis. Dogs sleep a lot so a high quality bed makes all the difference- make sure to take that into account when picking your bed.


All dogs are unique, with different needs and likes. The Big Barker (#1) is exceptional and trumps all others in reviews and testimonials as well as a 10 year guarantee where they will replace it for free – it is more of an investment! If that isn’t for you I would also recommend the Heavy Duty dog bed (#2)


The overall winner today is the Big Barker which is so universal it can fit many needs at once and will last the majority of their lifetimes. It has received only the best reviews (5* on amazon!) and although seems expensive, is worth it to see your dog sleeping soundly for many years! The extreme comfort and large breed specific bed is really second to none and may just be the best dog bed for large dogs.


I hope this has helped with your decision!


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