The 5 Best Dog Grooming Clippers!

All of the dog clippers mentioned here are recognised as professional dog clippers, the best dog clipper for you may be different, so make sure to read the individual reviews for more details.

#1 Andis AGC Super Two-Speed Dog Clipper

Feature Overview

  • Super Two-Speed Options (Max 4400spm)
  • Light Weight and Durable (Break Resistant)
  • Used by Professional Dog Groomers
  • Very Low Heat emission
  • Very Low Noise emission
  • Detachable Blades (No.10 Included)

Review Summary:
It’s no surprise that this dog clipper came first in our best dog clippers list, it has massive amounts of positive reviews and is a prefered choice for both amateurs and professionals alike.

If you have ever studied pet grooming this is most likely the dog clipper you used in class. The durability and power capabilities make it a perfect choice for educational environments and make it a true professional dog clipper.

The clipper is also very easy to manoeuver, light weight and gives a really smooth cut. If a troublesome patch of hair does arises the super speed settings massive 4400 strokes per minute will make short work of it.

This dog clipper really does trump the rest for both amateur and professional groomers and has rightfully earned its place as the number one on our best dog clippers list.

#2 Andis AGC2 Two Speed Dog Clipper

Feature Overview

  • Two-Speed Options (Max 3400spm)
  • Light Weight and Durable (Break Resistant)
  • Low Heat Emissions
  • Low Noise Emissions
  • Detachable Blades (No.10 Included)

Review Summary:
This Andis dog clipper is essentially the younger brother of the Super-Speed model above, it boasts a lot of the same features as its older brother but has a little less power available. Still a great buy!

This clipper has low heat and noise emissions making it great for working with young or nervous dogs.

Not everyone will require the additional power from the Andis Super but as the price difference between the two models is often minimal it may be worth considering both options.

#3 Oster A5 Two-Speed Dog Clipper

Oster A5 Two Speed - Professional Dog Clippers

Feature Overview

  • Two-Speed Options (Max 3100spm)
  • Light Weight and Very Durable (Break Resistant)
  • Low Heat emissions
  • Low noise emissions
  • Lots of Oster Accessories Available


Review Summary:
Oster grab the third place with their Two-Speed model, also having interchangeable speeds this clipper allows for smooth and efficient dog grooming.

The clipper is very durable and will not wear easy, if you’re looking for a dog clipper to last, this would be a good choice.

The Oster brand is well-known much like Andis and is supported by many do-it-yourself groomers and professionals.

Osters large customer backing also means that there is numerous accessories available.

#4 Wahl Arco SE Cordless Dog Clipper

Wahl Arco SE Cordless - Top Dog Grooming Clippers

Feature Overview

  • High Speed Options (Max 5500spm)
  • Very Light Weight
  • Low Heat emissions
  • Low Noise emissions
  • Lots of Wahl Accessories Available


Review Summary:
Wahl are up next with their cordless model, it may not have ‘turbo’ in the name but this bad boy can hit 5500 strokes per minute! That alone earns it’s place on our best dog clippers breakdown.

It’s very light weight and due to it being cordless is incredible versatile.

The Arco SE dog clipper will require charging between uses and may slow as the battery weakens, this can cause problems for lengthy grooming sessions.

Wahl, much like Oster have a large customer community and have lots of accessories available.

#5 Wahl 9766 Lithium Ion Pro Series Dog Clipper

Wahl 9766 Lithium Ion Pro Series - The Best Dog Grooming Clippers

Feature Overview

  • Claims Heavy Duty Use.
  • Light Weight
  • Low Heat Emissions
  • Low Noise Emissions
  • Lots of Wahl Accessories Available


Review Summary:
Last up at number 5 is Wahl again with their Lithium Ion Pro Series model, this clipper is cordless and boasts self-sharpening blades for reduced maintenance.

This model is a great option for someone just starting out with dog grooming and has had lots of positive feedback.

Buying Guide • Dog Grooming Clippers

Dog clippers features can be more applicable than others depending on your individual circumstances. We have explored what we consider to be the most important below.

Single and Variable Speeds

Single and Variable Speeds

With all the different pet clipper models boasting new and improved ‘turbo’ and ‘super’ speeds its hard to make any serious judgment, is all that power really necessary?

Single and Variable Hair Clipper Speeds

Well… That power can make a vast difference to each and every groom you undertake. The dog clippers power will be reflected through whats known as the Rotary Speed Per Minute or Strokes Per Minute (spm). The higher these factors the easier a dog clipper will be able to tackle coarse or matted hair.

Most professional dog clippers will have what is known as Variable-Speed options, this means that the dog clipper will have a base speed for general use and then a higher or ‘super’ speed that you can shift into easily when needed.

This ability to switch back and forth will provide you with great versatility when grooming, and is a must have if being used professionally.

Corded or Cordless?

Corded or Cordless Clippers?

Having a cordless dog clipper can provide great freedom of movement and allow you to get to them hard to reach areas, but for all the benefits there are equally matched disadvantages.Corded or Cordless Dog Clippers

Typically cordless dog clippers can only last an hour or so before starting to slow, and as im sure you know slowing clippers can cause jamming and snagging of your pets hair.

If you grooming sessions are expected to last longer than an hour or if you will be dealing with troublesome projects I would recommend a corded clipper. Yes they may restrict your movement when creating your dog masterpiece but a corded clippers blade speed will remain constant and will not slow like their cordless counterpart.

I can assure you there is nothing more frustrating than when your dog clippers begin to slow and hair jams up the blades mid grooming.

Nervous Dogs

Nervous Dogs

Many dogs find the grooming process rather overwhelming, and unfortunately not much can be done other than to make our nervous friends as comfortable as possible. Grooming Nervous Dogs

One way in which to make this experience more bearable is to choose a low noise emission dog clipper, again many of the professional dog clipper brands have made steps to decreasing their noise output but some are much better then others.

This was a deciding factor for myself to choose a professional dog clipper as one of my dogs, a rescue, is still very nervous and loud clippers can really cause her some distress and unwanted distraction.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness
Pinning the best brand of dog clippers is a tough one and to be honest I don’t think there is a definitive answer.Dog Grooming Brand Awareness

I would say that it mostly falls down to the opinion of the users,

I personally over the years have used numerous different brands and think that I could make a good judgment. this is just my option though and please don’t hold it as gospel.

The three brands worth mentioning are Andis, Oster and Wahl, you will find all three in the comparison below but Andis does dominate our best dog clippers list taking both the 1st and 2nd position!

Andis is my brand of choice and is great for speed, they don’t heat up and are a very quiet set of clippers. I’ve used them for years and would never change! I personally believe Andis to be the best dog clippers brand. Professional and affordable!

Although they may not match the top speed of Andis and therefore are not as smooth they are still good dog clippers, they don’t heat up much either. Oster does offer a good range of accessories however and are very durable overall.

Now as I said before this is just my option but with my experiences I would never go near them again, I have owned a few pairs (attracted by the low-cost) and they are a nightmare, they jam and can cause you to snag the dog. I would put this down to them being a more human hair clipper and because of which not being quite up to the task of dog hair, a much thicker coarser hair.

However Wahl dog clippers are ranked 4th and 5th in our best dog clippers list and must therefore be making a lot of pet groomers happy! Also, much like Oster they have a great selection of accessories available.

Choosing the right brand will be based on your individual needs as well as your budget limit, you can’t necessary make the wrong decision, especially if selecting a professional dog clipper from our list as all have shown great customer satisfaction.


Dog Clipper Blades

If you’re looking for the best dog clippers, you will also need to think about the best clipper blades. Although generally dog clipper companies provide their own blades when you purchase the clipper it is good to look into other attachment brands you can buy for the model you are looking at.

Dog Clipper Blades

Some companies only offer their own blades for exclusive use whereas others fit all clippers universally.  They come in a range of different lengths each creating a different style of coat length and cut.

Fine tooth blades are distinguished by the letter F after the number (size). They work best for small fluffy breeds with fine, soft coats who are regularly groomed and give a soft, finer looking finish. Using a fine tooth blade will not work on a matted dog with rough coarse hair as the coat is too thick for the blade to cut through. For this you would need a skip tooth blade which helps to feed the hair into the cutting blade.

The skip tooth blade is best for a rough cut before you bath the dog – it can most definitely be used for the finish cut and tends to leave the dog a more layered look however still neat and tidy.

Blades have been vastly improved over the last few years thanks to new technologies. Usually, dog clipper blades are made of either steel or ceramic materials and usually with include elements of either chrome, carbon, titanium or silver as a finish.

Steel blades are traditionally reliable, smooth and great if you are only cutting your own dog however as they’re notorious for heating up quickly it may cause problems for professional level grooming or if you use it for more than a 20-minute period. When this happens you can either use a cooling spray or by leaving them on a cold surface.

Ceramic blades are versatile, durable and known to stay sharper and cooler for longer periods of time. However, they are also quite fragile and have been known to break easier.

If you are a beginner- there are clipper blade attachments and grading guards available with many different sizes. These fairly inexpensive protectors will help ensure you won’t have any errors whilst learning the ropes with grooming.

Conclusion has received numerous requests to put together a breakdown of the best dog clippers on the market today (Updated February 2017), with so many different brands offering the same features it can be hard to know whats right for you.

In this article we have looked through what we here believe to be the 5 best dog clippers on the market today. Please note that this is not just our views and opinions but each dog clippers ‘rankings’ are based on our users reviews, surveys and by our own experiences and research.

I certainly hope that this article has helped people who were maybe on the fence to make an informed decision about what the best dog clippers for them truly are. All the brands and models mentioned have great feedback and lots of support from their respective owners.

I think there are options here for all groomers, whether it be people just starting out or fully fledged professionals.

If you have any questions about our 5 best dog clippers or would like add anything about some of the models mentioned please feel free to post a comment below!

Here you can watch the voted Number 1 Best Dog Clipper in action, please note that this video is directly from Andis and that in the video they mention the Pro-Clip variation of the Andis Super two-speed dog clipper, but don’t worry they are in essence the same and still the best dog clipper.

Video Summary

This clipper is a super duty professional dog clipper, its great for the toughest grooming jobs, for thick to thin hair or heavily matted coats.

Its powerful rotary motor delivers an equal amount of power and blade speed throughout grooming.

This balance between power, speed, size and weight makes this dog clipper extremely versatile.

The durable and ergonomic housing resists harsh chemicals and fits comfortably in your hand.

Its cool running and smart design eliminated fans and vents that can get clogged with hair.

It features a detachable No.10 UltraEdge blade for ease of cleaning and blade changing.

It’s also compatible with all UltraEdge, CeramicEdge and ShowEdge blades.

As you can see this clipper is really something, it has been thoughtfully designed for both versatility and power and truly deserves to be the best dog clipper!

If you have any questions regarding these dog clippers or any other professional dog clippers, just like before feel free to leave a comment below.

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