Wahl 9766 Lithium Ion Pro Series Pet Clipper

I wouldn’t personally label this as a heavy-duty clipper but for those just starting out or for those who are on a budget, this could be a viable option.

This clipper is light weight but is rather bulky, so for those groomers with small hands or for those that have a tendency to get achy wrists, I would again recommend looking at the next model up our list the Wahl Arco SE (if of course your budget allows).

This model is also cordless and because of which is great for maneuverability but be cautious that most cordless clippers will slow after being used for short durations and this can cause jamming and snagging of yours pets hair.

This is however a Wahl product and not all is doom and gloom, Wahl do provide a vast variety of accessories so you will never be short of blades, brushes or oil.


Although I have never been a fan of the Wahl range in general over the last few years they have really picked up the overall quality of their clippers and have gained a great following of loyal customers, all those people can’t be wrong!

I would always recommend spending that little more and getting a more powerful dog clipper but if your circumstances don’t allow that this would certainly be a good buy.

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