Oster A5 Two Speed Dog Clipper

The Oster A5 Two Speed dog clippers are a great tool for any dog groomer, when compared to all popular dog clippers they came 3rd in our rankings losing only to the Andis AGC model,

The Oster brand has a massive consumer backing and for good reason, they are very smooth, powerful and most of all reliable. (The Oster brands clippers are the most damage resistant about)

The Oster A5 features a versatile duel-speed system that allows for quick and efficient shaving, if faced with a tough matted patch of hair simple knock the clipper into full speed (3200 spm) and glide straight through.

Although they are not the fastest clipper on the market they are great for most dogs.

The Oster brand also provide numerous accessories so you can chop and change blades to suit your individual requirements, notably this clipper is compatible with the Oster CryogenX blade range that boasts a AgION antimicrobial coating that reduces bacteria, this blades are also insulated to further reduce the heat emissions from the clipper.

Please do keep in mind that these blades will most likely be sold separately but some sellers do include the No.10 blade in your clipper purchase.

Do be cautious that the overall clipper is quite bulky and could pose an issue if you have small hands and because of which can cause slight aching if used for a long duration.


Overall the Oster A5 is a great dog clipper, the power is limited and could cause problems for troublesome shaves and they can be a little noisy but they don’t heat up easily and are very reliable. If you are starting out in grooming but don’t want a standard clipper this is a good buy.

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