Andis, as im sure many dog groomers would agree, have always created great dog clippers, and with the Andis AGC Super model they have really out done themselves. I use these clippers myself and have done for a few years now, I would never use anything different!

This clipper can cut smoothly through thick, matted hair without slowing, jamming or most importantly snagging your dog.

This clean cutting motion is possible because the Andis AGC Super has two multi-speed settings.

Basic Speed Settings: 2700 – 3400 spm
Super Speed Settings: 3400 – 4400 spm

(spm = Strokes Per Minute)

The super speed is incredible, I havent found a match for it yet!

This Andis also boasts a lightweight design making it easy to use and maneuver around your dog(s), it is incredibly durable and really earns its ‘break resistant’ label.

When my dogs were puppies these clippers got knocked all over the place and to my surprise there was never any permanent damage made.

This model is also great for nervous or elderly dogs as the Andis is very quite and to this day I have never experienced it ever getting overly hot


The Andis AGC Super Two Speed clipper has certainly earned its position as our Top 5 Best Dog Clipper winner, it is used by enthusiasts and dog grooming professionals alike, its durable and provides all the features you could want from a dog clipper.

My personal favourite and our top recommendation!

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The blades are detachable and the No.10 blade is often included when purchased. You would assume that this would be common across all clippers but with the Oster A5 Two Speed for example you receive a discount on future blade purchases instead.

Product Images – Andis AGC Super Two Speed Clipper

Please note that some images may appear to have a different model in them, this is not the case! Andis recently revamped the design of the dog clipper, both designs features are the same they just have different looks.

Classic Andis AGC Super Two Speed Full Image

I have also seen the new design in multiple colors (Blue, Black and Classic Red). So if you’re looking to color match your dog grooming tools you’re in luck!

This is a full look at the standard model design, (images of the new design are below). Here you can see the duel-speed switches down the left side and the thick durable cord coming out the bottom.

Classic Andis AGC Super Two Speed Headshot

Again this is the standard model design, here you can see the blade housing and the ‘headshot’ of the dog clipper. You can also slightly see the roughed surface of the clippers body, this is great for handling when using a water spray or when you have sweaty hands as the addition grip keeps the clipper firm within your hand.

New Andis AGC Super Two Speed Switch

This is from the new model design, as you can see the switch is now situated on the top of the dog clipper housing, I personally own the old design and can not comment on whether this is better or worse.


New Andis AGC Super Two Speed Blades

Again the new model design, this time looking at the blade housing and actual cutting mechanism, as I mentioned in the review above this dog clipper often comes with a complimentary No.10 cutting blade. The blades are incredibly easy to change on the old design and im sure the new design is the same.




Full Andis AGC Super Two Speed New Design


Last but not least a full look at the design of the new model and a few props so that you can get a rough idea of the overall size of the dog clipper.

As you can see the new design is sleek and has a more modern look going for it, as I mentioned above I do not own this specific design so can not talk from personally experience but if customer feedback is anything to go off, then I can assure you that the design change does not affect any of the features or overall performance of the clipper.

This model is the younger brother of the Andis AGC Super and boasts a lot of the same features,

Andis themselves have always created top quality dog clippers and this specific model certainly doesn’t break form.

The dual speed setting is great for efficiency and speed when grooming, if you find a real tough matted patch just knock the clipper into top speed (3400 spm) and smoothly glide through.

The Andis AGC2’s barrel is smaller than most dog clippers and therefore is great for small hands and of course general maneuverability.

The clipper is also very light weight and incredibly durable, as I mentioned in my review on the Andis Super (essentially the same, it just features an additional speed setting) my personal set has been knocked off the table countless times and have never been damaged.

The clipper noise is minimal and is great for nervous dogs, additionally they never heat up! I have used mine for a good 2 hours straight before and never felt them be anything more than warm.


Much like the Andis Super the blades are detachable and the No.10 blade is often included with the clipper, don’t think this is common practice most top-level clippers only offer discounts on popular blades.


The Andis AGC2 Two Speed clipper has certainly earned its second place in our Top 5 Best Dog Clippers post, the only difference between this clipper and the number one is an additional speed setting, if you don’t require the extra speed then this is perfect for you!

The Andis AGC model is used by both enthusiasts and professional dog groomers!

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The Oster A5 Two Speed dog clippers are a great tool for any dog groomer, when compared to all popular dog clippers they came 3rd in our rankings losing only to the Andis AGC model,

The Oster brand has a massive consumer backing and for good reason, they are very smooth, powerful and most of all reliable. (The Oster brands clippers are the most damage resistant about)

The Oster A5 features a versatile duel-speed system that allows for quick and efficient shaving, if faced with a tough matted patch of hair simple knock the clipper into full speed (3200 spm) and glide straight through.

Although they are not the fastest clipper on the market they are great for most dogs.

The Oster brand also provide numerous accessories so you can chop and change blades to suit your individual requirements, notably this clipper is compatible with the Oster CryogenX blade range that boasts a AgION antimicrobial coating that reduces bacteria, this blades are also insulated to further reduce the heat emissions from the clipper.

Please do keep in mind that these blades will most likely be sold separately but some sellers do include the No.10 blade in your clipper purchase.

Do be cautious that the overall clipper is quite bulky and could pose an issue if you have small hands and because of which can cause slight aching if used for a long duration.


Overall the Oster A5 is a great dog clipper, the power is limited and could cause problems for troublesome shaves and they can be a little noisy but they don’t heat up easily and are very reliable. If you are starting out in grooming but don’t want a standard clipper this is a good buy.

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This clipper ranked 4th in our top 5 best dog clippers article but is the highest candidate that is not for dogs specifically and that in itself is impressive.

The clipper is also incredibly light weight, so if you have small hands or suffer from aching after short durations of grooming then this is a great clipper for you.

This model is cordless but product owners verify that the battery life holds true for a good hour, this is great as most cordless clippers begin to slow after a short while and can cause jamming and snagging of your pets hair.

The other benefit of cordless clippers is of course maneuverability, if you have an active dog that doesn’t sit still or is easily distracted by a wire flapping around then again this is a great choice.


I personally havent used Wahl products for a few years now as I found them to be rather low quality but Wahl have upped their game and now have a large loyal following of all types of groomers. This has allowed them to offer a vast range of Wahl accessories to help you modify your clipper to your specific needs.

If you are a fan of cordless clippers and need that extra power then these are a great buy!

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I wouldn’t personally label this as a heavy-duty clipper but for those just starting out or for those who are on a budget, this could be a viable option.

This clipper is light weight but is rather bulky, so for those groomers with small hands or for those that have a tendency to get achy wrists, I would again recommend looking at the next model up our list the Wahl Arco SE (if of course your budget allows).

This model is also cordless and because of which is great for maneuverability but be cautious that most cordless clippers will slow after being used for short durations and this can cause jamming and snagging of yours pets hair.

This is however a Wahl product and not all is doom and gloom, Wahl do provide a vast variety of accessories so you will never be short of blades, brushes or oil.


Although I have never been a fan of the Wahl range in general over the last few years they have really picked up the overall quality of their clippers and have gained a great following of loyal customers, all those people can’t be wrong!

I would always recommend spending that little more and getting a more powerful dog clipper but if your circumstances don’t allow that this would certainly be a good buy.

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