Over the past decade the dog grooming industry has changed quite a bit. With billions being poured into pet care all around the world the industry is thriving. This money brings in new technologies that lead to better equipment, accessories and give birth to entirely new products.

And like with most thriving industries, a few individuals will emerge that want to pushed the boundaries that bit further.

In this case, the art of Creative Grooming or Extreme Dog Grooming emerged.

In short, it seems that extreme dog grooming is the process of taking a dog and making it look like anything other than a dog…

The designs are very complex consisting of numerous colours and attachments, and can take hours to complete.

Professional groomers from around the world met up in New Jersey’s Intergroom to battle it out, each trying to out do the others designs. The best even have a chance of winning prizes of up to $5000.

So lets take a look…

Intergoom 2013 – Extreme Dog Grooming Competition

There is even an association for this, The National Association of Professional Creative Groomers it has been operating since 2009, and with a strong public backing these are the goto group for unleashing your grooming creativity.

I can assure you that the animals taking part in these competitions are in no way harmed, the extreme dog groomers are professionals (clearly) and train/prepare for months before these competitions,

All of the dyes and accessories used are only temporary and the dyes wash straight out as they are vegetable based.

I’m sure if the opportunity arises I will visit one of the shows and take a better look!

If you do decide that you may like to dabble in a bit of extreme dog grooming then be sure that you do so with the right tools. Check out our 5 Best Dog Clippers article for guidance.

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