Benefits of Classic Kong

The classic Kong dog toy is an absolute must have for any dog owner. It is used worldwide by leading trainers and vets for therapy and training to combat issues such as separation anxiety and stress.

The sporadic bounce of the Kong toy helps to stimulate your dog’s natural instincts. The Classic Kong makes a great fetch and chew toy in addition to a food puzzle to keep them entertained for hours, which is great if you need to pop out or if you are at work.

Additionally the non-toxic rubber from a Kong can improve your dogs oral health, chewing on the toy it can reach every crack and crevice in your dogs teeth, helping remove plaque build up and food particles.

Chewing releases calming hormones therefore being a natural stress reliever which is perfect for anxious dogs and a cure for boredom.

It also encourages non-destructive chewing and is a great outlet for energetic dogs.


Recipes for Kong

It can be filled with countless different treats and recipes ranging from frozen tuna and cottage cheese to blueberries and yoghurts. Many recipes can help other problems with dogs for example dogs who need to loose weight or have food allergies. You can even put some of their breakfast in there so that it lasts a few hours rather than minutes to keep them amused for a fair part of the day.

In the summer add a new dimension to Kong recipes by putting them in the freezer overnight. To add to the convenience the Kong is dishwasher safe!


Puppies & Seniors

Kong grows with your dog, from puppy sizes to senior coming in a variety of colours.

For a puppy the Kong is a brilliant way to encourage safe chewing. The blue and pink colours are for puppies and the purple are for senior dogs. These colours represent that they are made with a special teething rubber. Although still exceptionally robust these special rubber is softer and can aid a puppy’s sore gums in there teething stage and will be beneficial to senior dogs with weaker teeth.

Senior Classic Kong.Puppy Classic Kong.

Junior & Adults

The red Kong is remarkably strong and puncture resistant made for medium sized dogs and strong chewers. Classic Kong also comes in Black (Extreme) which is bouncier and more robust for larger breeds and the most powerful chewers, no toy is indestructible but this is the closest you will get.

Kongs are build to be super-tough and virtually indestructible but it has been known that large breeds including Mastiffs, Rottweilers & German Shepherds have destroyed them, in which case I would recommend the Extreme Kong.

Adult Classic Kong Sizes Extreme Classic Kong!

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