Sleeping - Choosing The Best Dog Bed Choosing the best dog bed is a hard task! The variety of dog beds nowadays is colossal – something for every dog out there! They come in different styles, shapes, sizes, colours and can even blend in with your home décor! There are so many choices out there, but each dogs’ needs differ. However, one necessity in a dog bed is that it is able to be washed! Ideally a couple of times a month, whether it’s a fabric bed to go in a washing machine or waterproof to be washed by hand.

Being able to wash your dogs bed is imperative, it controls fleas, dirt, nasty smells and other bacteria that can cause problems. Of course, it is a lot easier to wash smaller dog beds, especially fabric, as they fit into a standard washing machine with ease, however when you get to large and extra large breeds, this is a lot more complicated and will sometimes mean taking to a communal launderette which means less regular washes, or none at all.


Puppies Bed - Choosing The Best Dog Bed This must be beared in mind when buying your puppies first bed! You want to choose the best dog bed you can buy! Bringing them home will be a worrisome time for your new puppy meaning that a good bed is essential. Obviously new pups aren’t house trained and you will have to consider that when buying the bed, you want equally comfortable as you do cleanable! I wouldn’t suggest a white fluffy blanket until they are fully house trained! Luckily with puppies they are small so their first beds will fit comfortably into your standard washing machine. Also some puppies can chew straight through their first beds in the teething stage and will grow out of them quickly so get a useful bed for the time but be prepared to buy a new one within a few months.

What is the best dog bed for small/medium dogs?

Nest bed - Choosing The Best Dog Bed For small/medium dogs they tend to get colder and therefore perhaps better to get a bed to minimise drafts/cold floors. I would recommend nest beds, which are raised around the outside and lots of cushion making your dog feel warm and comfortable.

If you’re dog is naturally cold, perhaps try a ‘burrowing’ bed which they can feel surrounded by warmth and protection. Buying a bed that is too big for your dog holds the risks of them feeling insecure and anxious, so it is important to look for a bed that is just big enough for them to stretch out but not big enough that they feel vulnerable. Beds with lots of cushioning and high sides can help out an anxious dog to feel safe.

What is the Best Dog Bed for Large/Extra Dogs?

cot bed - Choosing The Best Dog Bed For large/extra large breeds –Just like humans dogs like to snuggle down in something comfortable, this makes memory foam matresses a winner! However, as big dogs stay warmer it’s worth considering getting a flat bed with no sides to last all year round. If your dog seems to be hot all the time, there are Cot style beds, these beds are thin material so the air doesn’t get trapped and they hang slightly off the floor, getting them off the cold tiles but keeping them cool with drafts from underneath. Memory foam beds and sofas tends to hold their shape better whereas pillow based beds (especially cheaper brands) will tend to clump up after a while leaving their bed uncomfortable and lumpy. Either way, large and extra large breeds are so heavy that the bed will need to be replaced once has been flattened by them!

Like I mentioned before, large dog beds can be a nightmare to clean! Perhaps look into getting a dog bed that has removable covers that can be washed separately, then you can have a few covers for all different occasions (waterproof in the winter for muddy paws!)

Have a look at our Top 5 Beds for Large Dogs.


What is the Best Dog Bed for Senior Dogs?

memory foam bed - Choosing The Best Dog Bed For our golden oldies, memory foam might be the best option for them to sink into! It gives them full support and helps with joint pains and arthritis as they aren’t laying on a hard flooring. Another idea may be a warming bed. Heated dog beds are a great choice for seniors as they can relieve those aches and pains. Some are alike heated blankets and microwaved and others are plugged in – some even keep hold of and re use your own dogs heat. In older dogs, bladder control deteriorates which means that a liquid or stain resistant bed may be the best option as accidents become more frequent. Look out for a removable/washable cover, a waterproof lining but a memory foam/orthopaedic base.

Best Dog Beds for Dogs with allergies.

Just like humans, pets suffer from allergies, these are normally tough to figure out but worrying when you can’t figure out what exactly it is they are having a reaction to!

However, lets start at home. By getting a hypo-allergenic dog bed you are already eliminating one possible cause: dust mites! Some dog beds even have dust mite repellent properties so your dog can rest comfortably on their bed without the annoyance of their allergies acting up! The bed needs to be easily washable/maintained regularly to help keep the allergens away.

Choosing the best dog bed for both your dog & you!

corner dog bed - Choosing The Best Dog Bed Don’t want a big bulky bed in your house? There is such a wide variety of options nowadays to match décor and keep your house fashionable! There is plenty of companies that have some great hypoallergenic beds that come in all shapes, sizes and designs! If your stuck for space, try to avoid the square/round beds and go for the corner beds. Not all dog beds need to break the bank – expensive beds do not always mean the best option! You know your dog better than anyone else so try and tailor it for the needs of the individual.



Sharing’s caring!

dog in bed - Choosing The Best Dog Bed Sharing is ok too! Of course the best dog bed in your dogs eyes is your comfy human bed! Getting your dog the perfect bed doesn’t mean he will stay off yours! A sheet or light blanket can protect furniture and bedding from dirt and odours, for seniors add in a waterproof layer for ‘leaky’ pets for safety. Also if you have a high bed, instead of your dog straining to jump up perhaps think of getting some steps so they can get up and down them comfortably without causing any damage. These are great for senior dogs, dogs who are prone to injuries (back or legs) and for ones who shouldn’t be jumping.

It’s essential to put a lot of thought into this as it will be where they sleep every day and will have an impact on muscles/joint aches and general quality of life.



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