, having a product review area on the website, may from time to time advertise affiliated products that we belive to be great value and of course recommend.

You are under no obligation to purchase any of the products but to be fully transparent may receive a small commission from some products we recommend.

As I mentioned before not all products are affiliated products, and our recommendations are in no way bias towards financial gain.

All products we recommended are based on personal experience, customer feedback, reviews, surveys, polls and general reasearch.

We would receive a commission if you travel to the vendor (normally via an affiliated link. The pricing or value of your product is in no way changed by doing so.

Small commissions like this, in conjunction with advertisement allow to continue to operate and we very much appreciate the support.

If you have any questions regarding affiliated products on or would like to better understand how it works you are more than welcome to contact us at anytime!


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